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Recently the govt. Pakistan announced the scholarship through a hex for students in 2023. the HEC open a scholarship for his nova able and intelligent students t the poor student who lives in the local areas of Pakistan will able to learn in higher universities colleges and schools without cost-free of fees on the 75 anniversary of HEC he also announced the continued laptop scheme for his youth. The pm of Pakistan also announced the continuing the phase 5 and 6 laptop scheme of hair at different universities (HEC) HIGHER EDUCATION COMMUNICATION the scholarship will be awarded on the province of proof of confirmed admission to desired universities and subjects only the higher education commission of Pakistan is an independent establish institute of primary funding and continue the effort of his to provide the scholarship for a poor student whose was loyal his education who want to learn in higher school and college and universities through the heat scholarship the student goes abroad for higher study he found in SEPTEMBER 2022. The owner of DR.TARIQ BANURI see the dream of a bright Pakistan and their dream is true only to learn your youth through education millions of people in Pakistan learned and take benefit through HEC scholarship a lot of Pakistani people learn through the HEC scholarship in different area of Pakistan he gave scholarship or given the chance to study in top 25 ranked universities.

HEC offering scholarships in 2023


The eligibility criteria to apply for an HEC scholarship in 2023 in different universities in different fields. The higher education commotion will allow the Pakistani student also apply to abroad universities through HEC the student will be able to apply abroad to universities for 4 to 5-year programs. The HEC will have different plans for different programs for your studies the HEC student will not be able to apply to different education funded even during HEC the HEC scholarship will give you 7200PKR  the fully funded HEC scholarship only given to the student on the basis of merit recently year the scholar's ship merit is very due to very high competition among the student the recently or the history of HEC the highest merit off scholarship it also the gave some insurance for the student to complete his student the HEC also gave the loan for his student to complete his study the student return hid load after the competition of his education. The class routine and course schedule and syllabus also make by HEC the student will be able to the scholarship only learn the course design by only HEC. The universities also register through the HEC .than students will be ambler to achieve the scholarship to check your universities  register please read the table below:


1 Air university Islamabad

2 AllAMA Iqbal open university Islamabad

3 Comsat institute of information and technology Islamabad

4 Dawood university of engineering and technology Karachi

5 Federal Urdu university of arts, science & technology Islamabad

6 Institute of space and technology Islamabad

7 International Islamic universities Islamabad

8 Karakurm international university Gilgit

9 National college of arts Lahore

10 National defense university Islamabad

11 National textile university Faisalabad

12 National university of science & technology Rawalpindi

13 National university of modern science Islamabad

14 Nfc institute of engineering Multan

15 Pakistan institute of engineering & applied science Islamabad

16 Pakistan institute of fashion and design Lahore

17 Pakistan military academy Abbottabad

18 Pakistan naval academy Karachi

19 Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto medical university Islamabad

20 Quaid-e-Azam university Islamabad

21 University of Fata Kohat

22 Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan

23 Fatima Jinnah university Rawalpindi

24 Government college university Faisalabad

25 Government college university Lahore

26 Ghazi university Dera ghazi khan

27 Government university college women Sialkot

28 Government Siddique college women Bahawalpur

29 Islamia university Bahawalpur

30 Information technologist university Lahore

31 King ad award medical university Lahore

32 Kinnaird college for women Lahore

33 Khawaja Fareed university of engineering & technology Rahim yar khan

34 Lahore college for women Lahore

35 Muhammad Nawaz sharif university of agriculture Multan


37 University of Agriculture Faisalabad

38 University of Education Lahore

39 University of engineering and technology Lahore

40 University of engineering and technology Textile

41 University of Gujarat Gujarat

42 University of Sargodha Sargodha

43 University of the Punjab Lahore

44 University of veterinary and animal and science Lahore

45 The women's university Multan

46 Bainazir university Layha Karachi

47 Dow university of health and science Karachi

48 Gambal institute of medical science Kharagpur

49 Institute of business administrator Karachi

50 Jinnah Sindh medical university Karachi

51 Liaqat university of medical and health and science Sindh

52 Mehran university of engineering and technology Sindh

53 Ned university of engineering & technology Karachi

54 Quaid-e-Azam university of engineering & technology Nawab shah

55 Shaheed Muhtram Benazir Bhutto medical university Larkana


57 Sukkur institute of business administrator Sukkur

58 Sindh madrasultul islam Sindh

59 University of Karachi Karachi

60 Abdul wali khan university Mardan

61 Hazar university Hazra

62 Superior university Lahore

63 Virtual university Lahore

64 University of management Lahore

65 Fast university Lahore

66 Institute of management Peshawar

67 University of engineering and technology Peshawar

68 Shaheed Benazir medical university Peshawar

69 Khyber Bakhtin khan university Peshawar

70 University of malakand Malakand

71 University of Peshawar Peshawar

72 University of Lahore Lahore

73 University of Karachi Karachi

74 University of sawat Sawat

75 University of haripur Haripur

76 Baluchistan university of information and technology Baluchistan

77 Women University of Azad Jammu Kashmir Ajk

78 University of management and technology Kotli

79 Aga khan university Karachi

80 Foundation University Islamabad

81 Capital university of science and technology Islamabad

82 Lahore university of management and science Lahore

83 National university of management and science Islamabad

84 Ripha international university Islamabad

85 Ali institute of education Lahore

86 Bechan house national university Lahore

87 Forman christen university of women Lahore

88 Global institute Lahore

The candidate or student will apply when he studies in that university or apply through this university or college of that city. For a 4-year bs program in any university in any subject, the student has to count the matric marks percentage and the intermediate marks percentage, and the first two-semester GPA count to mark the merit for the student to apply for an HEC scholarship. Recently year due to a low percentage of matric and intermediate result the higher education commission decide to lower the merit for the bs program and more students take benefits through the scholarship. But last two years due to covid -19the higher education commission requirement is 78% the student market is 78% will be able to the HEC scholarship program of the 4-year program. For the MS program, he also plans a different schedule and different plan for a scholarship to apply for the scholarship in MS 3-year program you should have more than a 3.5 CGPA in an overall 4-year program the student has to count matric marks percentage, and the intermediate marks percentage and the 4-year semester GPA count to mark the merit for the student to apply in HEC scholarship.


To reserve a seat in 4 years the scholarship program for 2023. the student must download the form from given below link:

Form the download HEC scholarship form and attach your document 10 passport size picture (with white background). attach a conic copy of your father's income recipe or attach the total resource of your house in come .attach document must be notarized form 18 grade government officer all education must also be notarized and 4 photo state of each document attach the form and the stampede also attach to the form and submit the form online by scan all notarize person and make combine in 1 pdf or visit HEC office and give the form and wait for two months for selection and the interview how to check your name in first interview selection concern his university or check the name in HEC official website during the interview or for an interview take all the original document for interview.


The policy of higher education commissions applies for the scholarship the student must take an A+ grade in matric or intermediate and take an above 3 GPA to reserve the seat during the HEC scholarship if the student failed in any semester or takes a lower GPA than 2.5 then the scholarship procedure may be a risk or cancel .because of a bad grade in his study during tom apply in HEC scholarship the student should not apply in any other funded scholarship scheme the HEC also gave the loan for the student whose not take apart in HEC scholarship for complete their graduation a did job and return in future and complete your loan.

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