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Recently start the FIFA world cup 2022 in Qatar is the most expensive and historical match in history. twelve years ago today, Qatar was nominated to host the FIFA World Cup in 2010. In these twelve years, Qatar has spent about three hundred billion dollars in the construction and preparation of new stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, fan zones, and residences with modern amenities.

FIFA world cup final 2022

It is said to be the most expensive World Cup in the history of the world and its cost is more than the total cost of all previous World Cups combined.

These days, Doha airport will be the busiest airport in the world, where more than 900 passenger planes will land every day and according to a figure, nearly twelve million people will visit Qatar.

Qatar is using all possible innovations to provide visitors with art galleries, museums, art zones, national and international food stalls, music, and children and family programs according to local culture and tradition. It has been arranged.

Despite such an expensive and lavish preparation, Qatar's hosting is being criticized on global and social media simply because they have urged visitors.

"Please respect our culture and traditions. We have bans on open drinking, homosexual flags and slogans, nudity, and closed-room acts on the streets."

Over the past few days, there has been a storm of misogyny on social media over this small petition, it seems as if Qatar has put its foot on "Gucci" and not on its tail.

The so-called Western human rights organizations and NGOs are making the same noise day and night.

"Boycott Qatar"

No student of history would be surprised at such a play. Because that is what these civilized black sheep in white skins have done for the last several hundred years.

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