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Samsung has announced the design stories for its new Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 smartphones. The company says that the two devices have been designed with "different user needs in mind." The Z Flip4 is intended for those who want a "sleek and compact" phone, while the Z Fold4 is aimed at those who want a "large-screen experience."

What is the Samsung Z Flip4?

The Samsung Z Flip4 is the latest release in the company's line of foldable phones. The device features a 6.7-inch display that folds in half to fit easily in your pocket.

The phone runs on Samsung's One UI software and is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Additionally, it includes 256GB of space and 8GB of RAM.

The Z Flip4's camera system includes a triple rear camera setup that includes a 12-megapixel main sensor, a 12-megapixel ultrawide sensor, and a 16-megapixel telephoto sensor. There's also a 10-megapixel front-facing camera.

Both a single SIM and a dual SIM version of the phone are offered. It supports 5G connectivity and comes with a 4,380mAh battery.

The Samsung Z Flip4 is available now in select markets for $1,499.99.

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What is the Samsung Z Fold4?

The Samsung Z Fold4 is a smartphone with a folding design. It was unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked event on February 11, 2020.

The phone has two screens: a primary 6.2-inch display and a secondary 4.6-inch display. When the phone is folded, the secondary display can be used as a viewfinder for the camera.

The phone is available in black and silver. It has a 512GB hard drive, 12GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 855 chipset.

The Samsung Z Fold4 is priced at $1,980 and will be available in select markets on February 14, 2020.

The Design Story of the Z Flip4

Samsung has revealed the design stories behind its new Z Flip and Z Fold smartphones.

The company says that the Z Flip was designed to offer a unique folding experience, with a flexible display that allows for a compact form factor when closed.

When open, the phone offers a 6.7-inch Infinity Flex display that can be used in either portrait or landscape orientation.

The Z Fold, meanwhile, was designed to offer users a larger display when unfolded, with a 7.6-inch Infinity Flex display that offers split-screen multitasking.

Both phones feature Samsung's new Ultra Thin Glass technology, which the company says offers improved durability and clarity compared to traditional glass displays.

The Design Story of the Z Fold4

The new Z Fold2 features a unique folding design that allows for a more immersive experience when using the device. The display is divided into three sections, with the main section being used for traditional smartphone tasks such as making calls, browsing the web, and checking email. The second section is used for displaying information such as notifications, weather, and time. The third section is used for displaying content from Samsung’s exclusive app store, Galaxy Apps.

The Z Fold2’s hinge has been designed to allow for smooth opening and closing of the device. The display itself is made from flexible OLED material, which allows for a thinner and lighter overall device.

The Z Flip features a similar folding design to the Z Fold2, but with a few key differences. First, the display is divided into two sections instead of three. The main section is used for traditional smartphone tasks while the second section can be used for things like taking selfies or viewing notifications.

Second, the Z Flip uses what’s called an “ultra-thin glass” display instead of a flexible OLED display. This allows for a thinner overall device, but it also means that the display is more susceptible to damage if dropped.

How to pre-order the Z Flip and Z Fold4

Samsung has finally revealed the design stories behind its new Z Flip and Z Fold smartphones. The company says that it was inspired by "the way people naturally use their phones" when designing the devices.

The Z Flip is a foldable phone with a unique clamshell design. Samsung says that the phone was designed to be "compact and portable" so that users can easily carry it around with them.

The Z Fold, on the other hand, was designed for "maximum productivity." The phone has a larger display that can be unfolded into three different sections.

Both devices are available for pre-order starting today. The Z Flip will be available in select markets on February 14th while the Z Fold will be available globally on March 25th.


Samsung's new Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 devices represent the company's latest attempt to bring foldable smartphones to the mainstream market. With their sleek designs and powerful specs, these phones are sure to turn heads. But only time will tell if they can convince consumers that foldable phones are worth the investment.

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