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The word ‘juice’ can conjure up images of something not very nutritious. In any case, nothing could be further from reality. Drinking the right juices in the right combinations can leave you with a feeling of satiety and optimal digestion throughout your journey towards health.

For most people, juice is simply viewed as a beverage that can do wonders for your body. It is said to speed up metabolism and promote the uptake of certain nutrients in your body while also reducing unnecessary waste in other aspects. But what exactly are the best juices for healthy bodies? Here are five great ones I have enjoyed to date.

1) Green Juices – Fresh or frozen

I love this green juice because it offers a lot of bang for your buck. As mentioned above, it will give you loads of flavour, which gives it a distinct taste. If you want you can buy them at an Ocado store near you the choice of flavours is endless. However, they come in different colours – red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple. Even though all their flavours are delicious, just make sure that they are green ones for good health.

5 Best Juice Combinations You Should Drink To Keep Your Body Healthy

2) Apple Juice. This is a popular one amongst my family. My friend’s mother loves apple juice but she says it should also be avoided given how acidic it gets when compared to other juices. So if you are on the go then this might just be a suitable option for you. Just make sure that it doesn't go too far when making some for yourself so take the time to properly research what kind of juice you want.

3) Blueberry Grapefruit Juices – These juices contain a significant amount of antioxidants and help fight inflammation, oxidative stress, and bad cholesterol. This is mainly due to its high dosage (2 cups). They have been around for years now and will still go well beyond your expectations. I think they are the ultimate detox diet solution and it works wonders!

4) Coconut Milk + Honey JuiceThis smoothie contains honey and coconut milk which has become more and more common in my household since it's healthier than dairy milk. This one is especially refreshing, and perfect for colds and/or allergies. Also, there is no sugar and they are very low in calories. Worth trying out!

5) Mint & Orange Watermelon Chunks - A really tasty combination! 

The lime/orange watermelon chunks are always so comforting in hot summers. The mint leaves add another crunchy bite. Another plus point is how refreshing lemon is! However, the citrus-watermelon chunks tend to overdo their sweetness and will spike blood sugar levels.
Juaquinia & Passion Fruit Teas – Some of us enjoy these teas every month, but I find they're a bit much for me. Not only do they provide energy, but they also boost immunity! Plus, Passion fruit is extremely delicious and healthy when added to the mix! Both of these teas are incredibly refreshing too.

6) Cranberry Lemonade - I've seen women who drink this after breakfast. Not only does it boost metabolism and curb carbs, but it also makes you full. You get your calories in a small package without having to worry about them being stored. Lastly, I believe people should realize that cranberries and lemons work synergistically... they both benefit your overall health.
I hope that now you have a better image of juicing. Now that you know the many ways in which juicing can improve your health – take it upon your conscience to stick to a few of these tips to keep your body strong, lean, and optimized. You deserve to be healthy, don’t you? ;)

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