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When it comes to buying a new laptop, one thing to keep in mind is whether or not the computer will fit into your home office or if it will fit into your bedroom. It may seem like no big deal, but some of the best-quality computer systems can cost as little as a dollar or two. If you need an ultra-slim keyboard and mouse to play Steam multiplayer games or do web browsing, then you are going to find that many companies don't include those in their systems, which means they really only provide what you’ll want. Some people may not want all this extra space, so choose between two different models. This way, you can still use your usual size and weight, and at whatever size you need. If you're looking for more memory and better battery life, the second option should work for you, while the third model is likely to keep your budget a bit easier on you.

The first step to consider when you're shopping for a laptop is how much storage you'll need. As I mentioned earlier, most users opt for around eight GB of RAM to run their programs, but only a few of them will require even more. Most of the time, it's just enough memory to let these programs run without slowing down, so you'll probably want to go with something bigger to avoid running out of space. An SSD drive, however, can allow you to get a significant amount of memory and speed. That also keeps the price down, so it should be one of the things to think about when you're trying to buy. What features do you value most? Is it a good screen resolution? Do you need to stream all your favorite shows and movies on Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, or other services? And what sort of games do you like? A high-definition display or a great camera system? Whatever you need, make sure you buy a laptop capable of meeting your needs, otherwise, you might spend a lot less money and miss out on everything.

Of course, the biggest benefit of owning an Apple machine is the brand name. While its computers don't really come close to having the same performance as Microsoft or Amazon, they'll still perform well when compared to others. Having Apple branding is always a plus unless you have a Windows machine. If you're worried you'll break the warranty, buy from a company like HP rather than going directly to Amazon. But if you don't care about any other manufacturer's reputation, it would be nice to see how affordable the latest MacBook Pro models have been. The Mac Mini 13 in particular had such a wonderful design, right up there with the original Mac and also many older Macs in comparison to the newer models here. With nearly every gadget under the hood featuring Apple silicon chips, this machine could literally be the future of computing. Don't worry if you want lower configurations: the most recent iMac with 8GB of RAM has a 16GB option without going over that limit, making it much cheaper. If you're only interested in being able to stream content on Apple TV, there is also the iPhone X.

If you're looking for basic performance, the M1 Chip is definitely a good compromise. Not to mention, it comes in a bunch of different sizes including the smallest form factor, so you're not restricted by your size. So unless you don't like that look, stick with the old version, like my 2018 MacBook Air was. Then add the Intel Core i3 chip, which offers solid performance and a decent display resolution. And since it's actually cheap to upgrade, the newest MacBook Air with this kind of tech, it'll almost surely become a contender for the top spot.

If you're looking for a good laptop for schoolwork, you don't have to sacrifice a lot in terms of specs to get a strong laptop. My Dell Latitude 5060-5270 two-in-one laptop, for example, includes a powerful Intel Celeron N4000, which makes up for its lack of memory by adding 12GB of memory. That makes a tremendous difference in terms of using this machine as both a productive tool for reading and writing, without sacrificing anything. Also, you can add a 15.6-inch monitor that can extend to 27 inches, which will give you a full HD screen.

If you like streaming, nothing beats the Firebox line. They've been quite reliable, especially for students who are learning remotely due to concerns. Plus, you can access a massive selection of free apps and software when you purchase a one-time fee of $39.99. I'm going, to be honest: after buying this laptop because of my teachers' recommendation, there were several times when I couldn't find my textbooks right away because I haven't got a Wi-Fi connection at school. Fortunately, my father gave me his copy and I decided to take advantage of that offer. All thanks to Google Chrome. Even though I don't use Chromebooks for reading, Chrome gives me the ability to access multiple sites at once.

If you love video games and aren't ready to commit a whole day to play World of Warcraft: Shadowlands on your laptop, there is another alternative. Luckily for us, HP is offering the new 11th generation of the ThinkPad T14 for just $399. It provides everything you'd expect for a modern gaming PC and is also very portable. Definitely worth considering despite how big of a problem it can take.

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