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Fashion Through the Recession: What you need to know

Fashion While the recession continues, consumers are increasingly concerned about their wallets. They are choosing online sales over in-person sales. (The Associated Press)

One thing that has helped me get through some tough times during this time in my life is fashion. Right when I was more energetic, I didn't have quite a large number of clothes to choose from. However, recently as I began my college journey, I started gaining more confidence in myself. I started to look for specific things that fit my body type, I love to read, and I'm excited to start school this fall! This is particularly valid for we who may have never had any confidence. When I found out, I had an amazing closet full of clothes from high school that I would enjoy wearing on campus! That is part of what makes this so important for our mental health as well!

Shopping Online vs In-Person Shopping

If we are going to survive the recession, we need to find ways to save money. We can always buy gifts online or have them delivered. No matter where we live, we can also find ways to support local businesses, like food banks and thrift shops. So while we spend less, let's keep an eye on what we have. Whether at home, in the vehicle, or even if we want to go shopping, we must make sure we buy what we need. It's easy with all those social media sites to see what our friends are wearing so easily! And as much as some of us would prefer to make in-person trips to shop, there are alternatives to these options, such as Instacart or Amazon Prime. Our choices should be based on the amount we have.

Fashion Through the Recession: What you need to know

The Importance Of Giving Back With Something We Love

This is also very good for your mental state when you're looking for yourself. There's only one person who loves you, and that's you. Since everyone has something they would appreciate, whether it be shoes, clothing, jewelry, or artwork, show them anyone, and you'll have people reaching out wanting everything you have! Now that you have the financial means to do this let's put our finances to work. What would you enjoy buying? Do you want a new purse or a bag you haven't used? Give something new to someone in your life because you've been meaningful. Your choices are great. And we all can do our little bit to give back. It's nice being appreciated and valued. We need to practice gratitude so that when someone gives us something we don't even own, it doesn't guarantee to mean we need to take anything away from that person to make ourselves feel any better. Take that opportunity, and don't let someone else steal it from you. Just make sure they're happy to receive that. Let's remember the simple things people take for granted. It could just be making them tea. Moreover, above all, we should all recall that giving is not a sin, even when our world seems a little darker with the economy. We should attempt to take care of each other and share moments of genuine appreciation. It doesn't matter if our budget allows us to do this. Just be kind. Be thoughtful. Show you appreciate others by picking up the extra change. It does not mean you have to pay off the total price of that purchase. If you want to give more, let them know you will. One of the best ways to do this is to gift a gift card they can use or spend on whatever holiday they want to enjoy this year. Maybe a few years from now! Or maybe next season, they can have the gift card on their front door. They can use it for ice cream or coffee on their break. Whatever the situation, remember that no matter how small a gesture can make. For a fraction of the cost, you can give a gift card that's perfect if anyone is struggling around the holidays!

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